Sunday, October 15, 2017

Email versus Postal Service?


When looking at the similarities and differences between email and the US postal service during class, I realized just how serious the people who developed these inventions were about making sure users would feel comfortable making that switch. Obviously, just like with any product, software, or anything else being sold to the public, it really needs to be sold convincingly in order for its use to be widespread and generate some revenue. To make users feel like switching to email was the smartest and easiest option, it was created to mirror the functions of the postal service with functions like a “mailbox” and an electronic “post office” and email “addresses”, as well as options to send photos and chain letters. The differences are immense, and throw email into favor above the postal service, considering that the speed with which communication occurs is immensely faster with email than it would be through the postal service. Another huge plus is having email right at the user’s fingertips. Receiving a letter via “snail mail” would mean you’d have to be at home or be stationed in one specific place in order to receive your mail. Using email, as long as a user has access to some sort of electronic device, be it a computer or smartphone or tablet, they can look at their mail immediately, which is a huge component of email’s popularity, especially in the day and age we live in where everyone is constantly on the GO. Email is also not affected by bad weather or impassable terrain or long distance like the postal service would or could be. This allows people on either side of the world to communicate with one another in nearly the blink of an eye. The exaction of email addresses can create some confusion, whereas postal service can often get a letter to where it needs to go through assumption or logic… because email is electronic, there isn’t human mind or logical reasoning going on to find the correct receiver of an email if an address is typed incorrectly. Regardless of this, email is still the faster, easier way in which to communicate and outweighs the postal service in pros versus cons in almost every way.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What Do I Want of This Class?

What do I want out of this class?

I took a technology-based class this previous spring quarter. My professor was rude, unhelpful, and taught me very little about the ways of the technological world. Knowing that I was registered for this quarter and enrolled in this class was terrifying to me, knowing as little as I do about what it seems we will be learning.

I must say, though, that I have pleasantly surprised so far. Our class has been laid-back, and we've talked about technology and the history of the internet and the worldwide web in such a way that I feel less intimidated, and more excited to learn!

I am hoping to enter into a career in corporate blogging, or something of the sort. Our world is becoming increasingly technological and I know that in order to be successful in what I hope to do in the future, I MUST have some idea of how technology, the internet, and the future is evolving, as well as what my role in that will be. My hope is to gain some knowledge of these things in this class, and to be able to put that knowledge to use in my future career, or even use it now!

I know very little about technology, about the history of computers or the internet or the worldwide web. I think that, no different than other major events and evolutions in our world's history, this knowledge on technology is important, and something that is becoming increasingly unavoidable. So learn it I will! Looking forward to a fantastic quarter!